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I didn’t meet Ginnifer until our first day shooting the pilot, so we lucked out. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to work opposite every day. Not only is she beautiful and talented she is a beautiful soul and it’s great to have her as my Snow White for sure. She takes me to school everyday and I learn so much from her and I think it’s a great partnership.” - Josh Dallas.

Colin “I like to play with my mouth in interviews and kill a thousand of fangirls in the process” O’Donoghue


make me choose » outlawqueener asked: Felix Dawkins or Regina Mills


Outlaw Queen Appreciation Week

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I certainly don’t fear it, I already got a glimpse into working with Sam Taylor-Johnson at the test, and I’’d met Dakota by then. So I had a glimpse into how I felt it would be if I got the part. None of it scared me. -When asked about the pressure of playing Christian Grey.



if you’ve ever legitimately cried like a fucking baby over a character clap your hands


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